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Our essence is to support and grow a collaborative and innovative ecosystem of players in the financial services space. The association aims to lower barriers to entry, promote a level playing field for innovators without undermining the safety and security of the payment system for the general public and also advocate policies and regulations that encourage innovation in the Fintech community.

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To build, support, and grow a community of innovators, providing solutions to socio-economic challenges that affect people, businesses, and the environment in Africa.


To become the global platform offering solutions to socio-economic challenges that affect people, businesses, and the environment in Africa by 2030.

Core Ethos

We’re built on a strong foundation of vision & values.

Our values are the foundation for how we act in the world. You could describe this as our character, our non-negotiable principles.



We work together as a team in achieving our goals. Our vision and mission supersede each individual or entities personal interest.


Bias for action

We are not a talking shop. We focus on getting things done because done is better than perfect. We understand there are risks to doing this but when we make mistakes, we quickly recover and learn from them and continuously improve so we can do things better.



We build trust within the community by creating an inclusive ecosystem, sharing information, learning points, standards and resources consistently and nurture curiosity and openness to the extent possible. Even when we compete we must do so honorably and respectably.


Give everyone a voice

Everyone’s opinion and perspective is valued regardless of their size or age as a company. We always strive to be fair and objective in coming to decisions placing the interests of the ecosystem before our own.

Governance and Advisory Board

Who we surround ourselves with is who we become. We're collaborating with the world's top leaders in Finance and Information technology so that everything we offer truly empowers your organisation.


We’ve been in the press

While we’re busy helping financial organisations, the media is busy capturing our progress along the way.

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